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Claudius Ptolemy

Claudius Ptolemy is a scientist in Astronomy, Greek mathematics and Geography. He was a famous astrologer. He was known with the name (Hakim Ptolemy) or (Ptolemy). He grow up in (After 83-161 A.D). We did not have information a bout his family. There was a difference between the historians a bout his lineage. Some said that he was Egyptian-Greek. Others said that he was Greek. There was a massage found in Arabic said that his lineage is from Upper Egypt. In 161 A.D he died in Alexandria.

Ptolemy and The centralism of the earth

In the 16th century Fenan talked a bout Batlemos (Al Skandary). He talked a bout his system which talked a bout the centralism of the earth which pervade in the 16th century. This system appeared until Kobrneks came with his theory which known in the 16th century around the centralism of the sun. He said that the earth is a hot ball constant found in the center of the world . The celestial bodies turning around it in circle orbits.