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Copernicus Contributions

He worked in the medicine field beside his concerning with studying Astronomy. He also worked in Economy field. His achievements in this field is his talking a bout the project for modification the currency and making a map for Utwana and Polanda kingdom. He defend on the palace of Aolshten during the war between the Crusade and Polanda. He worked on the theory of the sun center for a period nearly 20 years. His work was under the name (Turning of the celestial bodies). In 1539 A.D He finished his researches in this field. In 1543 A.D it was the first time that work appeared in Fermyork city before ten years from his death.

Copernicus and the Sun

There are many questions around the relationship between him and the sun. What he said a bout the sun is exceeded what was said in its description and classification. His relationship with the sun refer to his venerate for her and his strong emotion. In his first book (The orbits movement) chapter 10 he talked a bout that.

(The world – He called it The Light Temple – Lighted one time from the sun. So we will be right if w called it the Governor Mind which govern the world. Hrms called it (The appear God). Elktra said that the sun can see every this. In his book he said that the sun is which govern the celestial bodies family which turn around it).

Alcoprnikih revolution

After the appearance of the revolution which called by the name of the Astronomer Kobernex. In this theory a bout that the earth is the center of the world but it is a star turn around the sun. It is a star turn around itself. This theory caused many discoveries on the hand of the scientists who appeared in that time. This theory helped the scientists to discover that the word is a big mass found in the time and space and the stars which found in orbits around the sun were explained in simple laws like this which talked a bout the natural phenomenon as the ebb and flow which happen when the water of the sea pulled because of the gravity of the moon.