New ideas to reuse all the things around us at home, school or street make us look at everything different perspective and make us think about how we can use it in new and different way again.
We always say that the need is the mother of invention, so people began in the twentieth century in the recycling and buying used things, with the spread of cities and large factories the recycling  became very important and it continues to increase, especially from poor countries and this was the beginning of these ideas.
people especially women and young people inventing new ways to use everything coming from the remnants of the huge modern cities and industrial areas, That point let the businessmen perceive differently to these innovations and new ways to use and spread these ideas all over the world that has reached the advanced countries and the recycling became big investment.
There is wisdom says that the saving is half of the life , so it has become a family dealing with everything in the house in a new way and take advantage of electrical appliances and re-repaired, as well as the cultivation of rooftops and solar cells.