Adventurers and explorers and travelers are Braves, who went into the unknown places to discover and know the truth of things and places in the world, we always hear about them and their adventures stories of heroism in the discovery of the whole world both continents, islands, deserts, caves, forests and jungles.

although some adventurous journeys have failed and some of them died and sank their ships in trying the new discovery in the world, but the love of adventure and discovery is in the same all human beings since childhood.

The baby is born at the same identifier love what is around him and the benefit of all its properties and so we find that writers write stories about the deceased and the Argonauts and find that people love what they write here because something within us drives us to find out what they found in their travels All humanity recognize beholden to adventurers in shaping the lives of human beings and their migration was a military English and French ships in the Renaissance contain a lot of adventurers and scientists in their war's ships such as Napoleon Bonaparte in his campaign against Egypt and Christopher Columbus in his attempt to discover India and Ibn Battuta and Vasco de Gama and others adventurers and heroes so it was natural that the little history explorers and success stories in every time and how the world has benefited them.