Artists are considered the elite of society, whether they are musicians or singers or painters or movie stars or any kind of art that rise of human life and styling instincts, it is known the attention of the majority of human beings in art, types and respect for creativity in all art has realized the world countries, the role of artists in influencing people and transfer ideas to the people so Dima find that artists, especially in the same rulers or people standing showed a lot of creativity and excellence artists in their art the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and Van Gogh and Pthovin and Chowski and many others who have proved that they are not imitators of others and that they have the ability to innovate exceed the capabilities of others , so it has been immortalized their names, such as scholars, leaders and warriors and explorers There is no doubt that people's behavior changed dramatically after they approached the artists and follow the beautiful art it is known that a lot of artists have become ambassadors of goodwill in resolving disputes between countries in times of war because people love them important varied cultures.

Has been associated with art, whether painting or singing or music the lives of human beings since the earliest civilizations and pre-known civilizations, archaeologists and explorers found many graphics that illustrate the ancients who lived in these caves and shape of animals and the number, types and methods of hunting, as well as in civilizations Pharaonic, Persian, Greek and Romanian even modern civilization lives .