All the civilizations of the old and modern world has always leader or king often be heroes and greats warriors , some of them were a wise and their wisdom successful civilization in the prosperity and development and some of them were bad and because of his love of greatness lost their kingdoms and everything.

There are some people in the world to maximize the leaders and some of them made them gods after their death and set up their massive temples and statues of the relationship, such as the ancient Pharaonic civilization.

There are the people had revolted and heat their leaders because of the injustice and taxes and the lack of attention to people and the spread of poverty and various diseases, Always there were leaders and warriors over the years played a major role in the whole of human life, such as contributing to help the scientists in their discovery and invention and artists in all fields as well as in wars and change the maps and the history of all the countries of the world and the dissemination of science and culture in each country that have been opened.

The universities in the world teach the history of the leaders and kings and their lives effects on the people and the spread of languages, religions and different behaviors.

The role of the military, popular leader and folk and spiritual in people's lives are not as important as anything else, if we talk about them and what they gave to mankind from the services and the damage is considered one of the important things even benefit from their work and avoid falling into the damage that may occur in the future.