Science is humanity itself is what distinguishes humans from other animals on the surface of this planet, since history began popping various sciences that have made the lives of people much easier than last time.

Science began with the discoveries Statistics such as fire and fishing methods and made using metals and the development of science since the invention of writing and building houses and ways to cook vegetables, meat and tame horses and used to pull carts that arrived at that time to the invention of cars, planes, electricity and satellite, telephone, computer and lights and medicines that address all diseases.

Although the discoveries of modern inventions is omitted large research centers and hundreds of scientists modern instruments and equipment that help in completing all the steps very quickly and possess, but the scientists in ancient times were dependent on themselves in the discovery of properties of nature and the relationship of things to each other does not deny modern scientists the role of the modern era and the old writings scientists and simple inventions which was the main reason for the cutting-edge of modern life.

There is no university in the world universities do not teach various sciences, said the names of the scientists and their discoveries despite the passage of hundreds of years for the death of these scientists.

It is also a nation or a civilization Do not boast of scientists and science as yours.