A right mind in a the right body, wisdom known to all people and it show the importance of sport in maintaining the human body healthy and active.

We all know that people's skirts are different from one person to another, as well as sports have many kinds to suit all ideal place, wrestling, boxing and combat sports fit adventurers and those with physical strength, walking fits to the old people, football fit to young, gymnastics fits of guys and girls who love agility, basketball fit to young tall body, Horse's riding fits to the princes and Gentleman and underwater diving fit to explorers, so we find that there are always sport kind for everyone and every age throughout his life.

Some people say if you want to know the ethics of a nation you have to visit their playgrounds.

All countries of the world in the creation stadiums dedicated to different sports and to participate and places in the international sporting competitions such as the Olympics and World Cup soccer and other sports federations around the world.

As well as schools and universities everywhere in the world focused on the sport for pupils and students as well as there are TV channels dedicated to sport, and we find that there are cartons for sport, movies and documentaries about the lives of ancient athletes movies