All civilizations and cultures of the world have writers and poets since the beginning of history. Ancient Egyptian civilization was written on the walls of temples and tombs of the pharaohs all events and battles and victories that have occurred in that time.

As well as also the ancient Chinese civilization Writers was adept at writing tournaments and battles in which the Chinese army participated and the emperor, Also the Mayan civilization and the Incas in South America and Arab civilization in the Middle East had people look to writers and poets with all respect and appreciation and spread books, articles and novels that describe the events in it time and people were buying these books at great prices In the Renaissance in Europe it was French writers and English writers have a big role in people's lives and their followers all over Europe.

People can not forget the writers and poets of the United States and their part in the renaissance of modern America as well as in Japanese writers.
Poets and writers acting as the media and its impact.
The peoples and the people at the time.