Adam Smith Ending

In 1759  he published the Moral feelings theory. It included some of his  lectured. After publishing it his popular increased. That pushed many rich students to leave their schools in the other countries and joined his university to be their teacher.

After publishing this theory, he concerned more with the Jurisprudence and the economy in his lectures and decrease his theories about the morals. Then began in developing his thoughts in the political economy field which appeared clearly in one of his lectures took from one of his students in 1763. It was described with the earliest copy of his writs (The Nations Wealth). He showed that the workers are the reason of increasing the National wealth, not the quantities of gold or silver.

The last days of Adam Smith Life

His tour as a guide ended after the death of Henry Skot brother in Paris in 1766 then he returned to his home. He dedicated a big part of his time in forming his wonderful which published in 1776  and succeed. The first print was executed during six months.

He was selected a fellow in the monarchy, society in London in 1773. In 1775 he was selected a member in the literary club. Then appointed customs mandatory in 1778 .

After five years he became one of the founders of the monarchy society. Then became honoring dean for the university in the period from 1787 until 1789. After suffering with the disease, he died on 17th July 1790.

Adam Smith will

After his death he left a literary will. Two of his friends applied it. They were The Academic chemical Joseph Black and the Physical Geams Haton (the Geological pioneer). He left many notices and materials which did not publish, but he ordered to destroy all what is not good for people. It was found an early formed did not publish its title (The history of Astronomy science). It was published in 1795 after firmness its goodness beside other philosophical subjects and reports.